Basic functions of the One-Click-Recruiter
These functions form the backbone of our One-Click-Recruiter and can be used free of charge

Ad management

The way to achieve the best advertisement

With the One-Click-Recruiter, you can create unlimited individual ads and easily store, edit, copy, archive, delete and use them any number of times.

For the first time job ads will be automatically SEO-optimized by the One-Click-Recruiter and they are also optimized to be used by any device. You can create ads intuitively with our WYSIWYG ad editor, as well as HTML-based and SEO-optimized.

As a result, we guarantee the best possible visibility and an appealing presentation on any device. The display menu guarantees that you have an organized overview, due to drop-down lists with multiple selection, e.g. ad status (online/offline), reviewer's choice, position or level of actuality and many other filters to ensure a precise open presentation.

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Individual module

The modular design of the One-Click-Recruiter allows us to make very specific categorizations based on your company's requirements.


Publishing job ads everywhere with one click

The One-Click-Recruiter offers you the maximum flexibility that you need to publish your job ads regionally, nationally as well as internationally. The ad input can be easily performed in almost all languages and based on a target group-specific categorization the ads are optimized for all recruiting channels.

Regardless whether you are using your own website, the intranet, all popular socialmedia channels or one of more than 1,200 additional jobboards, we will not leave any wish unfulfilled. We are able to provide you with jobboards within hours, even unknown boards. The One-Click-Recruiter is an absolute MUST in the today's recruiting-world, supporting you to reduce and minimize the enormous administration processes, especially considering the high speed of digitalization worldwide.

Furthermore you can benefit from customized ad packages and transparent costs, only on-demand, which means no need to spend money on contingents.

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In case you still have contingents or contracts with jobboards, no problem

They can be easily transferred into the One-Click-Recruiter. In addition the One-Click-Recruiter shows you the remaining amount and expiration date of your contingents at any time.

Brand new:

Depublication of ads become child's play - just press stop button for applicant intake.

With one click on the road to everywhere


Evaluate ad performance in real-time

Ensure that you are always up-to-date. Regardless of whether you need information about current publications, orders, or prepared graphic and tabular information about the number of clicks or applicants the One-Click-Recruiter supports you to keep track of it, even broken down according to each connected media.

As a future result, you are able to select publication channels significantly more targeted, to permanently increase your reach, maximize the numbers of applicants and reduce the costs of posting at the same time.

Furthermore, you can compare and evaluate your ad results within and between your own statistics. So-called A/B tests will support you to achieve better results in the future when posting.

Finally, overall evaluations are available for your customer accounts.

Easy export

Of course all statistic data may be exported easily.

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