Frequently Asked Questions
1. How de-publish an job ad?

In the ad overview you will find a yellow button in each ad called "Depublication". Click on it and open the boards that you want to disable with the arrow showing down (left side). Now hook the publication field and enter the desired date. Finally, move the selected services in the shopping cart and submit them.

2. Why shows the de-publication in 'from' and 'to' twice the same date in the confirmation email?

As de-publication is a unique service which is done after performing, therefore no period can be indicated.

3. Why can' t I edit my ad?

An ad that is already published or in the ordering process, can be changed only in the terms of content in the text by the customer. Categorization, job titles and job locations can be adjusted only by the service. External boards might refuse or only at an additional fee.

4. Where can I see the prices for publications on external boards?

No prices are shown in the One-Click-Recruiter. Each possible combination is different and will be calculated individually. Therefore, concrete offers for desired combinations are created and sent as PDF format to the customer. There are no flat-rate package prices.

5. How do I repost my education ads for the next year?

First you need to de-publish your ads. Doing so they are editable and customizable. If you have renewed them all, you can order the desired platforms as usual via the shopping cart.

6. What will it cost to use the system?

There is no charge either for the use of our technology nor of the One-Click-Recruiter. Also, the registry is without one-time costs for you.

7. How can colleagues get access to the companies account?

The "users area" left in the navigation bar of your account enables you to assign new users. The system doesn’t know yet the email of colleagues? You can send him an invitation by the One-Click-Recruiter.

8. Where can I copy an ad?

In the ad, you can extend the view of individual ads as well as of all ads. In this view you will find the "copy-button“.

9. Where can I see the status of my ads and especially on what boards they are posted?

In the expanded view, you see your ad is online on what portals and you see also the respective period of time.

10. How can I change my user email?

Your user-mail address can be changed only by our service.

11. How can I change the company name?

The company name can be changed only by our service.

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12. I forgot my password - and now?

For this purpose please use the "password forgotten function" in the login area. The passwords are not stored with us, therefore we can give at this point unfortunately no information.

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13. Why do I need a TAN or where can I get one?

A TAN is required to link a company to a specific area, like e.g. “Elementare Vielfalt”. In this case, you will receive such a TAN from your chemistry association. Entering a TAN is optional. For some reasons TAN`s can also be spent by our service. If you haven`t received a TAN before registering, then please complete this without TAN.

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14. My desired board is missing in my preselection. What to do?

No problem, either the job board in your preselected portfolio is not activated or we have never provided it. Give this information to our service and we list this specific board as soon as possible.

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15. Do I have to edit each ad, in case the companies description has changed?

No, after we have made the change in the template, all ads with the new text appear automatically.

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16. How many users are free?

You can work in the One-Click-Recruiter with as many users as you like.

17. How many profiles and addresses are free?

You can define any number of addresses and profiles in the One-Click-Recruiter. This is especially useful if your organizations consists of many establishments / company structures.

18. How do you ensure a consistent design at the external job boards?

Standardized interfaces allow to transfer ad formats directly into the systems of job boards.

19. How to deposit own job board quotas?

Job contingent contracts are set/booked for you by our service.

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20. How important are keywords?

Keywords help applicants to find jobs on job boards easier, since the applicants understanding of a job title you have written out can be made more distinctive and even more findeable by entering additional synonyms or another synonyms.

21. How come the ads from the OCR onto the career page of the clients, intranet, Facebook, e.g.?

With our Facebook job app, we provide you a module that makes it possible to publish jobs on your Facebook business presentation with no effort on your part.

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22. Can I post my jobs via OCR also abroad?

Yes you can. In addition to multilingual ads input you have of course the opportunity to post all jobs worldwide.

Read more --> Multiposting
23. How works the real-time reporting?

Company Secret ;)

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